Sunday, October 4, 2009

Desi Events

It has been our goal to offer our visitors content that is new and unique. The launch of South Asian events section on is a step in that direction. Here are a few words to explain why we think it was important to have events on ekam.

Its no secret that we South Asians have loads of festivals. These festivals, celebrations, parties often go unnoticed. Word of mouth and other advertising routes can only reach a limited population. The initiative to launch desi events on Ekam has been a result of this need. A one place for all events should also make it simpler for event promoters. And since ekam is well indexed in google, there will be limited need to host individual event websites.

The task of keeping events content fresh and up-to-date is challenging and we are working hard at it. However, to make this initiative a success we rely on your help. We ask you to encourage your friends, and family to make use of this free service. Together we can build a network that is more connected and thus more useful for the community.

1 comment:

  1. In this great festival time they have appeared here in a large number. As they are quite in the habit having this enjoyment so its not a big deal for them.

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